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预订室)Tel +82-51-501-9440,  Fax +82-51-501-9441 E-mail: rsvn@hotelthemark.co.kr

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Room size

Bed Type

Room view


(基准2人, 最多4人)


King Double-sized bed + Children's Character bed  No View



Kids room supplies


1. A teddy bear

Meet a teddy bear that will keep your day warm





2. BUSY ZOO Play Set

Our child's safe multi-functional play set BUSY ZOO. It is an excellent national item for children's



3. Hello Kitty Travel Block Play Set

Enjoy Hello Kitty travel block play with creative, small muscle development, and sensory development



 4. Animal Block Set

Through the playing, children are given awareness, shape, and animal learning and fun


5. Kitchen set

Play kitchen roles with your child. Role-playing is an interesting way for children to imitate processes and

When the stove is turned on or off, the handle clicks as it does in the actual lash. The curtains can be closed 



6. Toddler White Board

Be with your child so that you can be as creative as you can be as an artist



7. Child Table

It provides a child's own rest area



8. Baby bathtub

Splash!Splash! Children enjoy bath time

My child doesn't slip even if I play in the water. The corners are soft, so you won't get hurt



9. A toilet seat for infants

Try it when your baby starts training himself to the bathroom

It's designed to allow you to separate the interior, so you don't have to slip


10. Children's Foothold

If you step on it, you can see the mirror alone!

You can pick up your own toothbrush and learn how to brush your teeth.

Now, stand next to your mom and dad and try the bathroom sink.







GeneralBath RoomFacilitiesMinibar

· TV

· 电锅

· 免费使用健身中心

· 免费使用室内练习场

· 入住期间免费停车

· 肥皂,洗发水

· 身体清洁剂,润肤露

· 梳子



· 免费无线网络连接

· 220v电源

· 所有房间都可以轻松烹饪

· 迷你条

· 绿茶茶包

· 咖啡茶包

· 两瓶矿泉水




Information Use


Check In & Out

Check In 15:00

Check Out 11:00



- 16岁或以上的安全年龄

- 带上自己的运动装和运动鞋。

- 营业时间 07:00~20:00


免费使用室内练习场(A 5F)

- 带上个人泳衣,高尔夫球鞋,高尔夫球杆

- 营业时间 09:00~19:00





所有客房都可简单取舍,需要时可出租烹饪工具。 (2人标准22000韩元)