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  • 이미지슬라이드작은이미지
  • 이미지슬라이드작은이미지
  • 이미지슬라이드작은이미지
  • 이미지슬라이드작은이미지


バスを形象化した2階建てバスのベッドが用意されたCity Tourの客室には子供のための様々な乗り物が用意されたリビングスペースと両親の快適なトンボのための広い寝室が区分されて子供はもちろん、家族みんなが満足できる最良の選択です。



予約室)Tel: + 82-51-501-9440, Fax:+ 82-51-501-9441 E-mail: rsvn@hotelthemark.co.kr

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Room size

Bed Type

Room view




King Double-sized bed + Children's Character bed  City View 



Kids room supplies


1. A teddy bear

Meet a teddy bear that will keep your day warm




2. Play tunnel

Go on an exciting adventure and discover a new world waiting at the end of the tunnel



3. BUSY ZOO Play Set

Our child's safe multi-functional play set BUSY ZOO. It is an excellent national item for children's



4. Play tent

You can create another space in your room to play or spend time with your child



5. Hello Kitty Travel Block Play Set

Enjoy Hello Kitty travel block play with creative, small muscle development, and sensory development



 6. Animal Block Set

Through the playing, children are given awareness, shape, and animal learning and fun


7. Kitchen set

Play kitchen roles with your child. Role-playing is an interesting way for children to imitate processes and

When the stove is turned on or off, the handle clicks as it does in the actual lash. The curtains can be closed 



8. Toddler White Board

Be with your child so that you can be as creative as you can be as an artist



9. Child Table

It provides a child's own rest area



10. Amusement mat

Let's get your children to use their own imagination on the playmats


11. Baby bathtub

Splash!Splash! Children enjoy bath time

My child doesn't slip even if I play in the water. The corners are soft, so you won't get hurt



12. A toilet seat for infants

Try it when your baby starts training himself to the bathroom

It's designed to allow you to separate the interior, so you don't have to slip


13. Children's Foothold

If you step on it, you can see the mirror alone!

You can pick up your own toothbrush and learn how to brush your teeth.

Now, stand next to your mom and dad and try the bathroom sink.






GeneralBath RoomFacilitiesMinibar

· TV

· 電気ポット

· フィットネスセンター無料利用

· 室内ゴルフ練習場の無料利用

· 滞在期間内無料駐車場

· 石鹸、シャンプー
· ボディクレンザー、ボディローション

· 櫛



· 無料のWi-Fi

· 220v電源

· 全室簡単調理可能

· ミニバー

· 緑茶ティーバッグ


· ミネラルウォーター3本




Information Use


Check In & Out

Check In 15:00

Check Out 11:00



- 安全上16歳以上入場可能

- 個人トレーナー、スニーカー持参

- 利用時間08:00〜20:00


- 個人トレーナー、ゴルフシューズ、ゴルフクラブ持参

- 利用時間09:00〜19:00


- 一部屋あたり1つのみ利用可能